Winter Roundup

I’m off to the bush this week but thought I would do a quick post of some winter adventures I was too lazy to write about this winter!


Above: Back country skiing through small trees on Mt Jimmy Simpson.


Above: Snowshoeing at Spray Lake after a hoar frost.  Below: Sundogs and late sun. Marc and I climbed and skied Twin Cairn Peak and Wawa Peak.IMG_0066

DSC_0282Above: Skiing up Burstall Pass with fantastic Mt Birdwood in background.  One of my favourite valleys in every season.


Above: Crowfoot Mt and environs.

DSC_0233Above: Suzanne ice climbing on Grassi Falls.

DSC_0149Above: Yoho Glacier on our way to summit of Mt Rhondda

DSC_0643Above: Captured another good avalanche picture off Mt Rundle.

DSC_0202Above: Marc is just a few feet from summit of Mt Gordon.  This was one of the best days I’ve had on the icefields with glorious visibility and breathtaking views.  (skiing down was pretty good too!)

DSC_0595Above:  Late night, lunar halo over Vulture Peak on the Wapta Icefields. I lugged a tripod up the mountains on this trip and managed some great long exposure shots.

DSC_0326Above: Setting sun and the semi-permanent blizzard up on the Continental Divide.  In less than ideal conditions I’m untangling some rope that has decided to be a crochet sample.


Above: Exploring some ice caves on the shore of Lake Minnewanka.

I was expecting a poor winter on account of the very strong El Niño but we ended up with a great winter with very long periods of stability in the snow pack.  It was a short winter with spring arriving a month early so many plans for big objectives typical of spring were put off for next year.  But a winter that is too dangerous to get out and climb the mountains can’t end soon enough, so I’ll take what we had this year!



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1 Response to Winter Roundup

  1. Mike says:

    Nice. It doesn’t escape my notice that the things you could not be bothered to post about earlier are, each and every, more interesting than my entire winter. A shorter winter is, at all times, DEFINITELY better.

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