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Soil Harvest

In Canmore, owing to the bears, it is verboten to have outdoor composters. So our indoor vermiculture worms have been busy converting our vegetable waste into topsoil. I wasn’t big on the idea at first as there is an occasional … Continue reading

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Snowstorms kill hundreds of cattle

from the Calgary Herald today May 12 2010 Ranchers in southern Alberta’s Cardston County are in emergency mode after a barrage of spring snowstorms killed hundreds of cattle. Losses are mounting as melting snow reveals calves that succumbed to the … Continue reading

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Housing, Wages, Illusions.

When I first started to unlearn the Keyensian nonsense I learned in the economics classes I took in University, I found the concept of malinvestment strange. For example, Austrians warn that when interest rates are too low, money flows to … Continue reading

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Hexette of Notions part ii

Some observations lately: Will Greece, Spain and Portugal prove to the world that “Austrian economics” explains economic crashes and that Keynesian policies causes them? Greece, rather than merely levy taxes on its citizens, issued bonds which are bought by European … Continue reading

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