Feminism has never set itself up for ridicule

Well, I didn’t quite go two weeks without talking politics. If only I had the willpower of the Duchess of York. Oh Fergie, whilst thou lendeth a humble serf some of thy focused mind? But back to the first course, in anticipation of Bush’s new plan for Iraq, I read the Iraq Study Group Report. Its a tidy lil novella with surprises and twists, good character development a nice climax if a trifle unbelievable. One of its gems was the observation that of the thousand plus staffers in the Iraq embassy, only 8 were fluent in Arabic. If I could write great gags like that, I’d call myself a writer!
My prediction for the new policy is that the Tigris river will be choked with the dead of God’s most chosen nation. It seems that American battalions will now be in Baghdad ensuring that sectarian interference isn’t interfering with bringing militias to justice (and yes, the awkwardness of that sentance was inspired by Mister Bush.) My hunch is that the militias will revel at the chance to engage the American forces in street combat where they will hold a substantial advantage.

I’ve been reading Dawkins “The God Delusion” this week. Any theists who make it past the first chapter will toss it when confronted by his smarmy but witty tone. I don’t think he can help it frankly but the book is filled with tasty nuggets in any case. Referring to how some feminist’s refer to god using the pronoun “she” he says:
“But what, after all, is the difference between a non-existent female and a non-existent male? I suppose that in the ditzily unreal intersection of theology and feminism, existence might indeed be a less salient attribute than gender.” Amen!

I also noticed the emergence of a new car company whose exclusive product is electric cars. Fittingly, its called Tesla Motors and their signature model is an elite roadster that blows the doors off everything guzzling gas. This CEO plaything will be followed by an $30 000 electric sedan for the rest of us, due out this year. A big Huzzah for Tesla Motors! In fact this product looks so good I may abandon my automotive inspiration: The Smart Camino. A smart-car style el Camino to attract the growing environmentally aware Hispanic demographic. I had already inked a deal with a pair of lovable Spanish midgets to help market the thing. “Eess good for the environment!” The marketing writes itself!

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One Response to Feminism has never set itself up for ridicule

  1. Anonymous says:

    Indeed, handwringing environmentalists are furrowing their foreheads over here upset at the Russkies for turning off the gas valve to Belarus (who?) and consequently cutting off supplies to all of continental Europe.And so there is a lot of yapping for electric cars. I guess we’ll just have to build more nuclear plants and coal power stations to generate the additional power needed to run our cars.But hey, if it means an Italian can drive faster and accelerate more quickly, to Hell with it. Bring It On!As for me, I’ll stick with the trusty old Peugeot. I could well do better as far as cars go but it handles surprisingly well over the dirt roads on my little chunk of land. Can’t imagine taking an electric car off pavement – it would be like riding a vacuum cleaner over a floor covered with marbles.I am just now getting over my fagiolitis, which is not what you think it is, although then again, it very well could be. Congrats on your latin palindrome.Cheers and Good Mental Health

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